Why are there One Way and Two Way Remote Vehicle Starters and Which Do I need??


One way remote starters will crank your vehicle if it is in range of the remote device. This is the basic way to start your car on cold winter mornings but it lacks the ability to tell you if the car has really started and is defrosting.

If your parked car is visible, you can see that the car received your signal. But what about those times when you can’t see your vehicle?

Assuming your car is in range of the remote, two way devices will not only crank your vehicle, they will tell you if your car is running. This is important if you live in an apartment and cannot see your vehicle. Two way remotes are also handy for daytime mall parking or when traveling and your car is parked out of sight.

Both one way and two way remotes come in ranges from a few hundred feet up to a one mile range. If one mile isn’t enough, we can add the convenience of controlling your car from anywhere with your smartphone.

Imagine the ability to unlock your car from hundreds of miles away or starting your car from the airport terminal as soon as your plane lands. You will be out of the parking area and on your way while others are still scraping ice.

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