What’s the best way to make wire connections when installing mobile electronics in cars such as a remote starter or audio equipment and why?


A typical electrical connection on a car, motorcycle or boat requires three things:

1. low electrical resistance
2. good mechanical strength
3. protection against the environment

Soldering creates a permanent, professional connection that ensures maximum current and physical strength. We strongly recommend using heat-shrink tubing and a heat gun to insulate after soldering the connection.

If you must use tape, only use UL rated high quality electrical tape. Make sure to use enough tape to provide an air and water tight connection. This not only provides a secure connection, it helps to prevent the tape from drying out and falling off. When the tape is gone, it’s only a matter of time until something shorts out.

At Car Tunes Etc, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our parts and labor. Long lasting, trouble free installations begin with attention to all the details, especially our wiring connections. All connections are soldered and none of your factory wiring will be compromised.